Kauser Husain

Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Dr.

Royal College of Art, UK

Jaspar Joseph-Lester is a London-based artist and Head of MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art (where he is Reader in Art and Post-Urbanism ). His work explores the role images play in urban planning, social space and everyday praxis. His research interests are situated between art making, curating and writing and draw from the fields of architecture, design, urban studies, human geography, philosophy, cinema and media studies, spatial theory and economics. Here Joseph-Lester has focused on the conflicting ideological frameworks embodied in representations of modernity, urban renewal and regeneration as a means to better understand how art practice can redefine the successive cycle of masterplans and regeneration schemes that determine the cultural life of our cities. Key to this work is the development of platforms and frameworks for art that contribute to developing new ways of thinking social and life experiences for the future.

Secondment destination:
transparadiso, Vienna, Austria
Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven NL
A Reserva na Fábrica, Oeiras, Portugal
Kunstverein am Rosa–Luxemburg–Platz, Berlin, Germany


Carmen Mariscal

Royal College of Art, United Kingdom

Carmen Mariscal is a Mexican artist and PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art.

Her cross-disciplinary practice explores traces of memory in dwellings. These include the body, which is humans´ first habitat, followed by their clothes, homes, public spaces and cities. Her recent research also investigates entropy and ruin in Mexican architecture.

Mariscal was awarded first place in the 4th National Installation Contest in Mexico and was selected for the Monterrey Biennial and other competitions. Her public work includes El Pueblo Creador, Expo Hannover 2000, Innata, Luxembourg City and Chez Nous, Place du Palais-Royal, Paris.

She is the author of Nicolás Mariscal, el arquitecto como teórico de arte and was studio art professor at Trinity College, Paris.

Mariscal holds an MA from Winchester School of Art, postgraduate studies at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, and a BA in Art History from Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.

Secondments Destination TBC


Nihal Soğancı

AHDR/Home for Cooperation, Cyprus

Nihal Soganci is currently doing her PhD in Social Anthropology at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens. Her research and work focus on interdisciplinary practices that combine anthropological approaches with contemporary artistic practices. In February 2022, she has published a book chapter called Memories, stories and material traces: Exploring displacement through collaging and participatory art installation. She holds an MSc in International Public Policy from UCL and BA in Languages and Translation from the University of Surrey, UK. She has published and presented her work in various symposiums and conferences and organised collage workshops.

Relating to the SPACEX Project, she is interested in visiting the Royal College of Art in London focusing on how training and education in art and culture can respond to conflict through audience participation and co-production, looking into how it can provide the space to reflect and develop new understandings and methodologies.

Secondment Destination:
Royal College of Art, UK – October 2022

Emma Mahony, Dr.

National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland

Emma Mahony’s research is situated in the interstitial spaces between the fields of contemporary art, spatial practice, curatorial studies, radical pedagogy and activism. It focuses on investigating how critical institutionalism and spatial practices can resist and rewrite the neoliberalisation of the public art sector in Europe. Her SPACEX research will examine how thepractices and principles of commoning engendered by marginalised groups, can proactively shape how public cultural institutions deliver and manage their programmes, operational structures, day-to-day activities, collections and archives. She is the Course Leader for the BA in Visual Culture at the National College of Art and Design, Dublin where she also works as a lecturer in the School of Visual Culture. She sits on the editorial board of Art & the Public Sphere journal. From 2004-8 she was Exhibition Curator for Hayward Touring, Southbank Centre, London. She is currently co-editing a Routledge Companion on Spatial Practice and the Urban Commons with Mel Jordan, Andy Hewitt and Socrates Stratis (2025).

Secondment destination:
Van Abbe Museum


Michelle Browne

National College of Art and Design, Ireland

Michelle Browne is an artist and curator based in Dublin, Ireland. She is a lecturer in the Department of Sculpture and Expanded Practice at NCAD and her teaching has focused on spatial practices with an emphasis on participation, collaboration and performative strategies.

Browne’s art practice is concerned with what it means to live together; how society organises itself – socially, politically and spatially – and how these relationships play out in the public arena. Much of her work is site specific, often using performative events to draw people together to consider alternative uses for public spaces. She is also interested in how ephemeral performative and participatory events are remembered and archived. Browne has curated a number of exhibitions and events in and for public space and from 2017-2019 she was part of Creative Producers International, a development programme to encourage new kinds of conversations with creative communities, citizens, and city authorities to effect change in their cities.

Secondment destination:


Tom O’Dea, Dr.

National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland

Tom O’Dea is an artist who works with mixed-media sculpture and social practice to interrogate the political implications of practices of computation and organisation in contemporary society. His work explores ways to understand how different forms of knowledge impact upon our ways of acting and being the world.

His project – The Department of Embedded Knowledge – explores the role of different forms of knowledge in the lived experience and administration of the city. The department interrogates knowledge that is embedded in people and in places, in communities and in relationships, in the multiple forms of the living and in that which is not.

Secondment destination:
Kunstverein Rosa-Luxemburg Plaz, Berlin, Germany
Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Netherlands


Seoidín O’Sullivan

National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland

Seoidín O’Sulllivan is a contemporary artist with a socially engaged practice who lecturers in first year studio practice and the department of Visual Culture at NCAD. Her art projects are collaborative and focus on bringing people together in action to protect or develop an aspect of their ecological commons.

Seoidín works in the area of ‘Critical Ecologies’ connecting multidisciplinary teams and partnerships using creative participatory art methadologies to reveal, find solutions and work towards creating just multi-species futures and collecive imaginaries at a time of climate crisis. Creative out-put includes drawings, video, publications, walks and pedagogical exchange.

Seoidín is currently artist in residence at The Digital Hub and was recipient of the Arts Council Bursary Award 2021, Arts Council Next Generation Award 2018 and the inaugral Hyde Park, Chicago art residency award with IMMA and CREATE in 2017.

Secondment destination: