Daniel Peltz

Uniarts Helsinki, Finland

Daniel Peltz is an artist and Professor of Time and Space Arts with a specialization in Site and Situation Specific Practices at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki. He is also the co-founder of the long-term, place-based research project, Rejmyre Art Lab’s Center for Peripheral Studies.

Through public projects, performances and media installations, Peltz’ artworks explore complex social systems, attempting to provoke ruptures in the socio/cultural fabric through which new ways of being may emerge and be considered. To accomplish these goals, he uses a range of intervention, ethnographic and performance strategies. His projects often take the form of existing social behaviours, systems or protocols to directly engage non-art audiences in the language of critical art practice.


Secondment destination:
Kunstverein am Rosa–Luxemburg–Platz, Berlin, Germany

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