Research Outcomes

What is normal, Barbara Holub
What Does He Need? Reflections on a cross-sectorial and transdisciplinary project unfolding in public, Fiona Whelan
Walking cities in lockdown, Jaspar Joseph-Lester and Simon King
Stop measuring, start understanding! An arts policy and management researcher’s autobiographic account of the urgency of an ethnographic turn in research on the values of art, Francesco Chiaravalloti
Re-inventing life as commons during the pandemic crisis, Stavros Stavrides 
Editorial, Andrew Hewitt, Mel Jordan and Emma Mahony
Contested Fronts Archive: Emancipatory urban practices for constructive conflict transformation, Socrates Stratis
Beyond the neo-liberal value discourse towards a concept of social wealth, Emma Mahony
On trying to be collective, Andrew Hewitt and Mel Jordan​
Learning from Critical Social Art Practice: Disassembling and Reassembling the Social, Mel Jordan, Marley Treloar and Andrew Hewitt
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