Fiona Whelan, Dr.

National College of Art and Design, Dublin, Ireland

Dr. Fiona Whelan is an artist, writer and lecturer at the National College of Art and Design (NCAD). Her arts practice is committed to exploring and responding to systemic power relations and inequalities through long-term cross-sectoral collaborations with diverse individuals, groups and organisations. Since 2004, this practice has been rooted in Dublin south city, developing a series of collaborative, transgenerational projects, critically examining and responding to lived experiences of complex and interconnected systemic power relations (including class, gender, housing, policing). These durational and multi-faceted processes typically manifest as visual, performative or dialogical encounters in which multiple power relations are exposed and interrogated. Fiona’s writing focuses on the complex relationality, labour and ethical challenges of her collaborative methodology, which emerges at the intersection of socially engaged arts practice, youth work and education. At NCAD, she is committed to the professional development of practitioners with socially engaged and collaborative practices, through the development and delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate provision.

Secondment destination:
Rosa Luxembourg Platz, Berlin

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