Federico Farini, Prof.

University of Northampton, UK

Prof Farini academic background is rooted in Social Sciences, with a PhD in Sociology of Intercultural Communication, a MA in Social Anthropology and a second MA in Social History. He leads the Centre for Psychology and Sociological Sciences at  the University of Northampton. He is currently supporting as expert UNESCO, the European Commission, the Indian Government and the Italian Government. Prof Farini takes pride in the commitment to positive impact on communities that characterises his research and teaching. Since 2003, he has been researching and developing training opportunities within projects supported by European and national Agencies, regional and Local Authorities. Prof Farini’s research concerns the inclusion of migrant children and young people in education, youth subcultures and cultural studies, migrant-friendly services, conflict management, intercultural education and the transformation of urban spaces in places of democratic participation, for example working  with the London Borough of Waltham Forest to develop Leyton Jubilee Park as a meeting place for a multicultural community.


Secondment destination:
Florence, Festical dei Popoli (Italy)