Francesco Chiaravalloti, Dr.

University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Dr Francesco Chiaravalloti is Tenured Assistant Professor of Cultural Policy and Management, Director of the Bachelor Programme in Cultural Studies (BA Cultuurwetenschappen), and Co-Chair of the research group Artistic Knowing: Research in and on Art and Cultural Practices.

The focus of Dr Chiaravalloti’s work is on the enhancement of the appreciation of arts, culture, and creativity by individuals, organizations, and communities. He pursues this long-term objective by conducting systematic interdisciplinary research on consumer behavior in the arts, on the relation between artistic, administrative and technical rationalities in arts organizations, and on accountability relationships and performance evaluation in the cultural sector. His approach acknowledges and respects the differences between research traditions and methods and is based, according to a new pragmatic agenda, on the conviction that synergy between them can lead to new insights into the challenges we face in contemporary society. Among his recent research projects, Dr Chiaravalloti has been coordinator and principal investigator of the NWO (The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) funded project ‘In Dialogue with Users: The Relevance of Opera for Society’, aiming at gaining a first understanding of the (non-)value of opera for specific non-audience target-groups. He is coordinator of a AFK-funded audience research project at Summer Dance Forever – International Hip Hop Dance Festival, and evaluator of the Creative Europe-funded project Opera Vision Next Generation. With his publications in arts policy and management journals, Dr Chiaravalloti is an authoritative voice in the field of performance evaluation in the arts.

Secondment Destination:
Coventry Biennial, Coventry, UK: July and October 2023

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