Giorgia Rizzioli

Coventry University, UK

Giorgia Rizzioli is an AHRC – M4C PhD candidate at the Centre for Postdigital Cultures.

Her areas of interest revolve around media experimentation and cultural valorisation in film and media studies. In specific, in her doctoral project she is engaged with film curation as a method to investigate the connections between the cinematic dispositive and the urban space. Recently, she has collaborated as curatorial assistant and researcher in the setting up of the Coventry Biennial Hyper-Possible 2021. She has curated a practice-led project Screening Coventry: Past is Now an outdoor experimental cinematic event in Coventry, UK with the aim of investigating the bond between cinema, cultural programming and Coventry’s site-specificity.

Secondment destination:
Festival Dei Popoli, Florence, Italy: November 2022

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