(gestures and signs will carry on where language fails!) A titled conversation with artist and researcher Carlos Noronha Feio.

Please join the ArtSpaceCity group for a talk by visiting SPACEX RISE Researcher Carlos Noronha Feio on 11 October @ 11.30.

The talk will take place at the Institute for Creative Cultures, Coventry University and online

Microsoft Teams
Meeting ID: 315 297 150 281 
Passcode: ixbEpC

Carlos Noronha Feio consumes juxtaposes and performs media as research into cultural local and global identity adopting culturally significant images locations and symbols as a form of creative interference with meaning demonstrating the almost arbitrary nature in which cultural significance is interpreted. 
Repeated in several texts the sentence above can be broken into the following logic: Noronha Feio’s work is a bit all over the place. He follows his interests and curiosities, his eagerness and needs in a manner akin to a collector. His is a rhizomatic practice where research (whatever that might mean) plays an important role. Noronha Feio is driven as much to produce as well as to have and to hold, to show, to understand himself as well as some social construction in his surroundings. He sometimes tries to communicate with his work with words: without a promise of being clear…
From 2020 until 2022 he was a core member, and the coordinator for Art and Creativity, of Oeiras’ bid to European Capital of Culture 2027.
Noronha Feio is seconded from The Reserva, Lisbon to Coventry University


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