Teresa Cos Rebollo

Van Abbemuseum, NL

Teresa Cos Rebollo studied Art History in the University of Barcelona and Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship in Erasmus University Rotterdam. Since 2019 she has worked in the Van Abbemuseum where, as assistant curator, has coordinated several projects and exhibitions, including: The Otolith Group Xenogenesis (2019-2023), Parallel Lives, Parallel Aesthetics: Gülsün Karamustafa & León Ferrari (2021-2022), and the Decolonial Summer School 2020-2023.

She is currently working on a research project and collaboration (since 2020) that will develop into an upcoming exhibition called Soils (opening on June 2024) dealing with issues around land use, farming, extractivism and exploring our cultural and spiritual connection to land and territory.


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