Vittorio Iervese at Verein zur Förderung von Kunst und Kultur am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz e.V.

Secondment dates
27/01/2023 – 28/02/2023

NABLA – An interdisciplinary art project that performatively narrates the different layers of the Rosa-Luxemburg Platz in Berlin. (29/01/2023)

Based on the experience of the first lockdown in 2020, a narrative was created in which the Rosa-luxemburg Platz is seen as hermetically sealed from the rest of the world. It thus becomes the ultimate setting in a future in which humanity no longer leaves its homes and can only remember a past civilization that still had a public sphere based on information about its immediate living space.

The NABLA performance/tour takes place live on site and is a kind of “Performative Introduction” to the discourse surrounding the area, the Podcast tells a different story with a real background in videos with audio plays in each episode, and the Fandom, in turn, represents an online encyclopedia with space for all facts about the area written from the perspective of the future. This is an excellent example of how performance art, storytelling, archives and urban exploration can not only co-exist but also reinforce each other.

Vittorio Iervese
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