Andri Christofides

AHDR/Home for Cooperation, Cyprus

Andri is the Manager of the Home for Cooperation (AHDR/H4C). She holds an MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology from K.U. Leuven, Belgium, where her thesis focused on reinterpreting the transformation of borders and border-spaces in Nicosia, in their symbolic and literal sense. She holds a BA in English Literature from the University of Surrey, UK, where her research focused on the relationship between the postcolonial state of a country and the notion of hostility in national identities. Her evolving academic interest is to undertake her first steps for an interdisciplinary PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology and Architecture, looking to unpack peacebuilding as a conceptual term, a process and method, in the post conflict context of Cyprus. She is interested to look at the relation of peacebuilding with spatial practices and discursive exchange, and how the multiplicity of stories can affect and enable alternative subjectivities and transformation.

Secondment Destination:
Coventry, UK – 2023

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