Jaspar Joseph-Lester, Dr.

Royal College of Art, UK

Jaspar Joseph-Lester is a London-based artist and Head of MA Sculpture at the Royal College of Art (where he is Reader in Art and Post-Urbanism ). His work explores the role images play in urban planning, social space and everyday praxis. His research interests are situated between art making, curating and writing and draw from the fields of architecture, design, urban studies, human geography, philosophy, cinema and media studies, spatial theory and economics. Here Joseph-Lester has focused on the conflicting ideological frameworks embodied in representations of modernity, urban renewal and regeneration as a means to better understand how art practice can redefine the successive cycle of masterplans and regeneration schemes that determine the cultural life of our cities. Key to this work is the development of platforms and frameworks for art that contribute to developing new ways of thinking social and life experiences for the future.

Secondment destination:
transparadiso, Vienna, Austria
Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven NL
A Reserva na Fábrica, Oeiras, Portugal
Kunstverein am Rosa–Luxemburg–Platz, Berlin, Germany


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