Ilidio Louro

A Reserva (Portugal)

Ilídio Louro (1972) is an architect and a designer, working since 2012 at the Portuguese consultancy Mapa das Ideias as a designer and project manager and in the fields of Heritage, Culture and Public Participation. After an early career as a junior architect, he studied journalism and worked later on as a journalist, a communications officer and a consultant for different design, architecture and engineering firms.

He has been involved in the development and implementation of several European and local cooperation projects, among which the Museum Mediators Europe, ADESTE plus and MEMEX, working with a number of academic, cultural and arts organisations like the Gulbenkian Modern Art Museum, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo, the Portuguese National Plan for the Arts and Culture Action Europe.

As a member of the non-profit A Reserva since 2015, he has been interested in investigating the particular character of cities, that close-grained juxtaposition of talent and cultural diversity that allows societies to thrive.

As a member of the Oeiras’27 bid book team between 2021 and 2022, he focused on the opportunity to leverage Oeiras’ bid to European Capital of Culture 2027 as a participatory groundswell, giving real agency to communities and individuals, opening up the possibility of artistic exploration and expression on their own terms.

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