Lua Vollaard

Stroom Den Haag, the Netherlands

Lua Vollaard is a curator based at Stroom Den Haag, with a background visual cultures, image theory, and human rights. She has been working as a curator at Stroom Den Haag for the past five years. At Stroom, she is particularly interested in investigating the systems and materials that govern society, with a particular focus on infrastructure and notions of justice. In The Hague, her curatorial practice responds to the local branding of ‘the city of peace and justice’.  

Recent projects include the presentation grounds for denial by Anna Dasovic, on the spatial presence of genocide denial in Republika Sprska; the programme Reenactment , on reenactment of acts of state violence as an artistic strategy; an edition of Uncertainty Seminars (2020-21) in collaboration with Ilga Minjon titled There, there, on artistic strategies to challenge conventional notions of distance. Other projects include Hybrid Peace by the Visual Culture Research Center (2019), on the Russian war on Ukraine; andTowards a Black Testimony by Languid Hands (2019), on the (im)possibility of Black testimony in the Western legal system.

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