Sara Greavu

Project Arts Centre, Ireland

Sara Greavu is a curator, writer and organiser; and Curator of Visual Arts at Project Arts Centre, Dublin. She has a particular interest in how art can recognise existing social structures, propose alternative histories and genealogies of knowledge, and prefigure different social relations. Previous curatorial and development roles include Centre for Contemporary Art Derry~Londonderry, VOID, and Outburst Arts, Belfast; in addition to working independently. Recent projects include Open the book at a different page, a research exhibition with artist Ciara Phillips and former members of the Derry Film and Video Workshop, which dealt with intertwined political and cultural initiatives in Derry in the 1980s; solo shows with Kian Benson Bailes and Avril Coroon, and a group exhibition, Metabolic Time, co-curated with Cairo Clarke Along with Project Arts Centre, she is the curator of Ireland at Venice with the artist Eimear Walshe for the 60th Venice Biennale, 2024.

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